2018 Mystery Quilt, led by Terry Putzstuck

Join us for a monthly "clue" for the next step in making the mystery quilt.  At the end of the challenge (10 months), VIOLA!!  You have a quilt top.  Remember to keep the mystery a secret.  If you figure it out prior to the last clue, please don't share.  Clues will be posted each month through October.  You will get the last clue in October and if you bring your completed quilt top (it does not not have to be quilted and bound) to the Holiday party, you can pick a gift from Santa's bag.  Keep using up those scraps! 

Contact Terry Putzstuck if you have any questions

Clue Number 1

Clue Number 2

Clue Number 3

Clue Number 4

Clue Number 5

Like a good mystery?

​Try one of these mystery quilt patterns for your next quilting project.



Mystery Quilt