Quilt Challenge

​Combine it with another project – such as a charity quilt .. or make it  just for fun!

.  Sailboat

.  Snowman

.  Spring Flower

.  Flag


What is a guild challenge?  A Guild Challenge is a challenge issued by our guild to all members to make a quilt within certain defined parameters.

Why a guild challenge?  We issue a challenge to inspire creativity in our members. So we learn to think and design. So we learn to take an idea and make something of it. So we learn to create and not just follow a pattern.

Where will we share these Challenge quilts?  In years past, we have all shown our Challenge quilts at the December meeting which is our Annual Holiday.

Who does the challenge?  All of the members are encouraged to make a Challenge quilt. All skill levels: beginners, experienced, professionals.  Just try it, be creative. This is not a contest. The quilts are not judged; they are admired.

Eight is Great Quilt Challenge

Since it is 2018 it is a wonderful year to participate in this challenge.  The challenge is to use eight in your quilt somehow.  You can actually put the number eight in your quilt.  You could use either colors in your quilt, eight quilt blocks, eight different quilting motifs, eight inch blocks, or eight different block patterns.  Or you could come up with your own idea for eight.  Bring your challenge quilt to the meeting in November to show us your idea for "Eight is Great". 

Contact Kimberly Haberkorn if you have any questions.